Art of the Brick Exhibit Showcasing Unique Lego Brick Sculptures

LEGO has been reimagined and improved beyond simple creations from childhood at the Peoria RiverFront Museum. The featured “Art of the Brick” exhibit hosts full-sized 3D statues such as a 20-foot long T-rex as well as re-imagined iconic works of art such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Certainly, the grown-up version of these classic plastic bricks cannot be missed.

The intricacy of even one LEGO brick masterpiece is truly stunning. However, some may be surprised to learn the amount of work which goes into creating an individual piece such as the T-rex which is comprised of over 80,000 individual pieces.  It’s certainly not child’s play.

“Each sculpture has its own obstacles and challenges,” says the exhibit’s artist, Nathan Sawaya. “For example, creating a human form out of rectangular bricks requires special attention to detail to get the curves of the human body formed from thousands of little corners.”

Designed to inspire ingenuity and creativity, the stunning exhibit has been shown worldwide. From Los Angeles, London and Moscow, it has certainly become a global affair. Now in Peoria, “Art of the Brick” allows Peorians to experience the creativity of the world’s first major museum exhibit to solely feature the plastic bricks as its art medium. Now, it’s the chance of a lifetime to enjoy classic artworks done in a whole new way.

One gallery within the exhibit showcases the innovative, multimedia collection of LEGO brick-infused photography produced in tandem with award-winning photographer Dean West.  You’ll also be able to discover your inner artist, engineer or architect in the hands-on, interactive LEGO brick gallery “The Science of the Brick,”. Featuring building challenges, games and open play spaces, you can create your own masterpieces, build a maze out of LEGO bricks, design a brick race car and more.

“Mastering techniques from impressionism to classical sculpture in brick form allows them to be more relatable to audiences,” says Sawaya. “Even to people who wouldn’t usually set foot inside an art gallery.”

The Art of the Brick:  The World’s Most Elaborate Display of LEGO Art will be on display through September 2. Admission for members is free and general public tickets are $18 adults, $17 students and seniors 60+ and $16 youth 3-17. Tickets can be purchased along with more information at