Little Change, Big Impact Week

A group of marketing students at Bradley University want to be agents of change in the Peoria area in regard to the environment.  They’re doing so with a social media campaign where they’re challenging Peoria area residents to participate with small acts that can have a positive impact for the planet:  in other words, think globally act locally.

During the week of November 18 – 22, the four Bradley students who comprise Forte PR, Danny Alvarado, Katie Karraker, Hannah Gustafson, and Tyler Smith, are encouraging Peoria residents to participate in small acts such as reducing your plastic waste and shopping locally to reduce carbon emissions.  During Little Change, Big Impact Week, participants are encouraged to use #littlechangebigimpact on all social media posts made during the week to track the changes they are making and have a chance to win prizes.

The group is partnering with Wildlife Prairie Park, an expert resource regarding conservation efforts in the Greater Peoria area, and One World Cafe, a noted advocate for conservation and eco-friendliness since opening in 1993.  This has seamlessly allowed Forte PR to craft a campaign targeted toward college-aged students interested in doing their small part to improve environmental concerns.

Their hopes are that by making these small changes during this week, that the acts will become long-term habits for those who engage with the campaign.  This initiative stems from the Public Relations Case Studies & Campaigns course at Bradley University. Senior public relations students are tasked with teaming up with a local nonprofit and for-profit with a focus on addressing an important social issue affecting the Peoria community to encourage the public to become more aware of simple environmentally-conscious activities.

One World Cafe is spreading the word through their social media and offering gift cards as prizes throughout the week plus there will also be opportunities to visit the restaurant to enter to win one of these prizes.  For updates and more information, visit