Carden Circus to Perform at Expo Gardens


The Carden Circus will perform 4 shows at Expo Gardens in Peoria on June 10 & 11.   For nearly 60 years, Carden Circus has been filling its three rings with acrobats, aerialists, animals, daredevils, and clowns to families across the country.  Shows will take place at 6:30 pm on Friday, June 10 and at 11 am, 3 pm and 7 pm on Saturday, June 11.   Featuring a variety of animals including Asian elephants, camels, horses, ponies – even dogs and cats, the Circus performers range from acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, trapeze artists to motorcyclists who ride within a 14′ sphere traveling at speeds of 55 – 60 miles per hour.

Leo Garcia  Human CannonballThe Circus also features performers from across the globe including Leo Garcia, known as the human cannonball for his iconic act.  He will launch himself across the 3 rings from a 20 foot cannon which is approximately 100 feet and will soar 45 feet in the air to land on a 15 foot square airbag.  The actual launch takes only about a second because of the speed at which he flies.  Like many of the performers in the Circus, Garcia comes from a Circus family.   His parents were trapeze artists and he began performing with a bit part at only 4 years old.  When he was 17, his parents retired and he began his solo career.  This is his first year with the Carden Circus which keeps him on the road performing across the country 10 months out of the year.

Carden Circus - Elephant with PerformerSome of the other acts you’ll see during the two-hour show are nine 2-humped camels who dance on command, beautiful stallions who dance on their hind legs, trained dogs & cats plus the elephants who display their enormous grace, intelligence and strength.

One hour before each show, there’s a Pre-Show Party where you can take selfies with the performers, ride some of the animals plus enjoy face-painting and other fun activities.  With each adult ticket, you’ll get a free ticket for a child aged 3 – 12 plus kids 2 and under are free.   The first 100 tickets are only $9.99 for adults and are available now at

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