Corn Stock’s Winter Season Opening

Fun Home was a musical produced as part of the 2018-19 Corn Stock Winter Season.

The Corn Stock Theatre Winter Season opens on Friday, October 11 with the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  Performances will take place at the Corn Stock Theatre Center beginning at 7:30 pm on Friday & Saturday and at 2:30 pm the 2nd and 3rd weekends of October.  The protagonist of the plot is a 15 year old who is autistic and struggles interpreting everyday life. He’s caught next to his neighbor’s dog which has been speared with a garden fork.  Now that he’s under suspicion, he’s determined to vindicate himself by solving this mystery.  His process of discovering the truth upturns his world.

The Corn Stock Theatre Center is located a little further into Bradley Park beyond the “Tent” location.

Many people are not aware that Corn Stock has productions in the winter.  They assume that since the “Tent” is down for the season, the theatre is closed. These folks have obviously not driven a short way beyond the tent into the park to find the Theatre Center.  It houses a black box theatre where the winter season as well as the Corn Stock for Kids shows are presented.  The theatre is smaller, but still in the round like the tent.

Shows produced in the winter at Corn Stock are the types of shows you won’t see at the other community theatres.  The shows produced here are generally not main stage content. They tend to be much more intimate partially because the stage is only a foot away from patrons.  The content of the productions is also usually geared toward a more adult audience.

Which is actually the name of the 2nd show of this season [title of show]. It’s a musical about a couple of friends who decide to submit a show to a new musical theatre festival which is only 3 weeks away. A tribute to musical theatre, it’s the type of show you won’t see produced anywhere else in the Peoria area.

Out of Sight, Out of Murder was performed during last year’s Winter Season at Corn Stock.

Another title you probably won’t find at any other Peoria area theatres is 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche which will play as the 3rd offering for this winter season in January. The show takes place during 1956 when the atomic bomb sirens sound. Winner of the 2012 NYC International Fringe Festival as Best Overall Production, the show delivers hysterical laughs, sexual innuendos, unsuccessful repressions, and delicious discoveries.

The season finishes with a Shakespearian classic, Romeo & Juliet. The ultimate romantic story of lovers whose families do not approve is a timeless tragedy. If you’re looking for a unique date night that doesn’t inlcude Netflix again, this is a great option.  The Corn Stock winter season shows deliver live theatre that prompts intelligent conversation.

Season tickets are $50 which is a $12 savings over individual tickets.  Individual tickets are $14 for adults and $10 for students for all shows except [title of show] (a musical) which is $20 for adults or $14 for students. To buy tickets, call 309-676-2196 or buy online at