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EVENT NAME will take place/will perform at EVENT LOCATION (located at EVENT LOCATION ADDRESS with city) at EVENT TIME START.  Featuring EVENT DETAILS, tickets are EVENT TICKET PRICE (please also include if you are adding a free event) and are available at PHONE NUMBER/WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE LINK.

The format for the event listings is a news style. Please omit any adjectives such as fabulous, wonderful, amazing, incredible, etc.  These will be removed in the editing process if included.

Please also remember to upload an event image.  It should be at least 200 pixels wide, a jpg, png or gif and be no larger than 150KB in size.

Please note: reserves the right to refuse to publish event listings at its discretion.  Events which will draw 50 or less attendees will most likely not be published.  

You may include notes to the publisher at the bottom of the form if you wish (this is optional).


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