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Peoria IL Peoria IL has been the focus of since its inception over 15 years ago.  Primarily on events & entertainment happening in the Peoria IL area, but also on other community related issues and information.  This topic is the subject of one of the chapters in the newly-released book entitled Business Leadership and Community: Perspectives on Developing Your Business Community published by Jason Miller, CEO of the Strategic Advisor Board, a fast-growing business strategy and consulting firm. owner, Amy Blain, an associate member of the Strategic Advisor Board, authored one of the chapters of the book on the topic of Local Community and Business.  She shares insight about why she began her website, what it means to her and how her career guided her to start her own local website to promote events & entertainment in the Peoria area.

Her husband, Frank, owner of his own video production company (Pro Video Productions) assists with the content for the website by producing the Entertainment Reports.  These are videos that feature interviews with people involved in local community events such as community theatre productions, area fairs and festivals, museum exhibits and other special events to help let website visitors learn more details about these events.  They are extremely popular with many of the non-profit organizations who use them to promote their events.

Amazon Best Seller SealThe book ranked on Amazon best-seller list on two categories:  Workplace Behavior & Business Leadership since it’s launch in August of 2022.  The Strategic Advisor Board also creates podcasts featuring cutting-edge news, tips, tricks, and trends from the biggest, brightest, and most innovative people in business.  Members of the Board also create daily videos which are posted on the organization’s YouTube channel on topics relating to running a business in today’s ever-changing market.

Amy Blain - Owner Owner, Amy Blain

Amy Blain created over 15 years ago with the intent to help particularly non-profit performing arts groups to help them promote their cause and events.  A life-long Peorian and resident of the Peoria historic district for over 30 years, Blain’s background in advertising and sales along with her passion for community theatre and other performance related community organizations in the Peoria IL area makes a labor of love for her city.   She creates a weekly electronic newsletter with events & entertainment highlights for the Peoria area every Thursday afternoon and sends that to over 20,000 subscribers.  The newsletter is a popular way for Peorians to keep up with things to do in the area.  She has built the subscriber base over the years by conducting contests to giveaway tickets to many events happening in the Peoria area as well as other holiday related prizes.


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