october, 2019

Big Picture Peoriasat12oct10:00 amsat4:00 pm

Event Details

The Big Picture Peoria Street Festival will take place in the Warehouse District of Peoria (located in the 1200 – 1300 blocks of SW Adams St. in Peoria) from 10 am – 4 pm.  Featuring dance, a chalk art competition, a molten iron pour by Black Dog Metal Art, a found objects costume parade and competition, a community paint-by-number mural painting, a 100 drums drumming circle, an open mic competition, live music, performances by local schools and theaters paint fling onto a vehicle, food & beer trucks, Little Big Picture Student Teams Invitational Challenge, selfie spots, Abbie Road Poser Place, Take-Home-A-Piece graffiti wall and Andre Petty’s 20′ x 10′ portrait painting of Richard Pryor.   Founded by local artists Doug and Eileen Leunig along with the support of artists, arts organizations and private donations, the festival aims to establish Peoria as a national arts destination by enlivening buildings with public murals, hosting a new arts and film festival, providing arts education opportunities and promoting Peoria’s story to a national audience.  For full details, visit www.bigpicturepeoria.org



(Saturday) 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Warehouse District of Peoria

1200 - 1300 blocks of SW Adams St.


Big Picture Peoria

The 2020 Big Picture Peoria Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 5.

The main goal of Big Picture Peoria is to create a city with an abundance of public art: murals on walls that were once just brick, public parks featuring sculptures and painting walls for kids to decorate.  And through the new art displays, the goal is that people will come from outside the area to experience the art and patronize restaurants and shops that spring up in response to the developments. The inaugural year for the movement was in 2018 when a dedicated team of artists, arts advocates, and visionaries committed their efforts to bring Peoria's potential to life. The organization has three main areas of focus: 1)  Arts education opportunities for all, spanning in age from children in our schools and community centers to folks in retirement communities. 2)  Public murals and art to enliven buildings throughout the city, with a first-year focus on Peoria’s Warehouse District and the area surrounding the Peoria Riverfront Museum. 3)  A public arts festival—both a street festival and a film festival—to celebrate all that Peoria has to offer and to project where we are going. The street festival is held in Peoria’s Historic Warehouse District in the 1300 SW Adams Street block. The film festival takes place at the Peoria Riverfront Museum A grassroots, volunteer organization with a seven member board and over 30 supporters who gather on a regular basis to plan the annual festival, the public is welcome to join the meetings the first Wednesday of each month from March-August at CT Gabbert's which is located at 1323 SW Adams in Peoria beginning at 5 pm. Big Picture Peoria is made up of mural artists, performance artists, arts organizations, arts educators, collaborative artists, soft sculpture artists, and volunteers to be part of creating the future of a vibrant Peoria.  Contact them to let them know how you would like to help.[email protected]