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CNN News

Current headlines from CNN World News:
Top Stories

    As she makes history by accepting her role as the first female nominee of a major political party, Clinton will offer herself as the epitome of steady leadership to a nation that is anxious and looking for reassurance.
  • Clinton celebrates making history
    Hillary Clinton celebrates on stage at the Democratic National Convention where she became the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major party.
  • Muslim soldier's dad to Trump: Read the constitution
    The father of a Muslim-American soldier who was killed in the Iraq War delivered a passionate appeal at the Democratic National Convention for voters to support Hillary Clinton, accusing Republican Donald Trump of sacrificing "nothing" and "smearing the character" of religious minorities like his family.
  • Full speech: Watch and read it
    As prepared for delivery.
  • DNC speeches: Are the claims truthful?
    The Democratic Party gathered in Philadelphia on Thursday for the fourth night of its convention, and CNN's Reality Check Team put the speakers' statements and assertions to the test.
  • Clinton criticizes Trump for saying he can fix it alone
    At the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton criticizes Donald Trump by saying not to believe anyone who says "I alone can fix it."
  • Trump says he'd like to 'hit' DNC speakers 'so hard'
    Donald Trump, after hearing speeches at the Democratic convention this week, said Thursday he wanted to "hit a number of those speakers so hard, their heads would spin."
  • Katy Perry: I love Hillary Clinton
    In brief remarks at the Democratic National Convention, singer Katy Perry urged voters to go to the polls on election day and elect Hillary Clinton for president.
  • Dems follow up, honor fallen officers
    Democrats honor fallen officers at convention
  • Memorable lines from DNC's final night
    The final night of the Democratic National Convention highlighted Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's commitment to public service, as well as the sacrifice of American soldiers and immigrants.
  • Shadow convention: Dems in a different light
    The quadrennial national political conventions are tightly scripted affairs designed to sell the voting public on an idealized version of the party and its candidates for high office. In Philadelphia this week, Democrats are seeking -- with varying success -- to present a vision of unity behind Hillary Clinton, who will accept the party's presidential nomination on Thursday night.
  • Terror group cuts ties with al Qaeda
    Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al Nusra has announced it is severing ties with al Qaeda and changing its name to Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham, according to a video statement from leader Abu Mohammad al-Golani.
  • Inside the world's deepest blue hole
    Plummeting to depths of 300m (987ft), researchers say this sinkhole in the South China Sea is the deepest in the world.
  • FBI chief: Success against ISIS means more terror
    Battlefield success against ISIS may produce more terrorism for the West, FBI Director James Comey warned this week.
  • Charges dropped in Chandra Levy murder
    A judge on Thursday dismissed murder charges against a man accused in the death of Chandra Levy, a Washington, D.C., intern whose 2001 disappearance created national headlines.
  • Ailes' dirty mouth helped oust him
    The former Fox News chief, who stepped down last week amid sexual harassment allegations, regularly makes coarse and derogatory statements about women, homosexuals, Jews and racial minorities, several sources who have met with him said.
  • Glowing sea blob confounds scientists
    Scientists from the E/V Nautilus research vessel were stumped when they spotted a strange purple blob on the ocean floor off the coast of California.
  • Why you should look at the sky tonight
    The night sky is lighting up this summer.
  • How much Kunis, Kutcher paid for wedding rings
    Actress Mila Kunis tells Conan O'Brien that she bought her wedding bands from Etsy for under $100.
  • Opinion: Hackers put U.S. election at risk
    Russia has attacked the U.S. in cyberspace in an attempt to influence our national election, many experts have concluded. We need to take this national security threat seriously and both respond and defend, despite the partisan nature of this particular attack.
  • Trump: Just kidding about Russia
    Trump says he was only kidding when he appeared to encourage Russian intelligence agencies to find Clinton's thousands of deleted emails.
  • Big GOP super PAC goes quiet
    A super PAC that intended to spend millions on behalf of the Republican nominee has quietly gone dormant now that Donald Trump is leading the GO,P another sign that the Republican ticket is being deprived of the cash that it needs to compete.
  • Trump, Clinton to get intel briefings despite outcry
    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will receive their government intelligence briefing within days, even as each party argues the other's nominee is not worthy of receiving sensitive information, a US intelligence official familiar with the process confirmed to CNN Thursday.
  • Trump ghostwriter: Working with him was a mistake
    Former Donald Trump ghostwriter Tony Schwartz says he regrets working on "The Art of the Deal," and never envisioned Trump running for president.
  • Melania Trump's website taken down amid controversy
    Melania Trump announced Thursday that she took down her website, acknowledging that it contained inaccuracies.
  • Pope Francis falls during service
    While holding Mass in Czestochowa, Poland, Pope Francis stumbled and fell. Members of clergy quickly came to his aid, and the service was not interrupted.
  • Autistic man reunites with caretaker shot by police
    The North Miami behavioral therapist shot by police last week as he tried to calm a man with autism in his care was back in a Florida hospital on Thursday.
  • Civilians hungry, afraid and trapped
    Syrian and Russian forces are to open humanitarian corridors for people to flee the besieged city of Aleppo, both countries' state media reported Thursday, the day after Syria's army announced it had encircled the city and cut off rebel supply routes.
  • Aleppo siege: Why this is significant
    Syrian and Russian forces are to open humanitarian corridors for people to flee Aleppo, the day after Syria's army announced that it had encircled the besieged city -- cutting off supply lines and creating relief sites to distribute food and medicine to civilians.
  • MH370 captain's simulator had course plotted
    The home flight simulator belonging to the MH370 pilot had a route plotted into it which ended in the Indian Ocean, officials have confirmed.
  • Cancer found in million-year-old fossil
    Cancer may not be so modern after all.
  • This little penguin just made a big splash
    This is the story of a little penguin that's creating a big splash.
  • NC GOP apologizes to Tim Kaine over tweet
    The Republican Party of North Carolina offered an "unqualified" apology Thursday to Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine over a tweet that appeared to question the Democratic vice presidential nominee's patriotism.
  • Clinton's sore spot and why it matters
    Hillary Clinton hasn't even said anything about the Trans-Pacific Partnership recently -- and yet, in 24 hours, she became embroiled in a new controversy about her stance on the deal.
  • Trump and Clinton children are friends
    Even as their parents are competing against each other for the presidency, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are friends. CNN's Amara Walker reports.
  • Google's 'moonshot' projects lost $859M
    Google's most extreme bets are starting to generate more sales -- but at a great cost.
  • Lava from Hawaiian volcano reaches ocean
    The Big Island of Hawaii is getting a little bigger as lava from the Kilauea Volcano flows into the Pacific Ocean.
  • World's deepest underwater sinkhole found
    Scientists have discovered what's being described as the world's deepest underwater sinkhole in the South China Sea, China's state broadcaster CCTV reported.
  • What's streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu in August
    How is the summer almost over already?
  • Chipotle will now make burgers
    The struggling restaurant chain known for its burritos announced plans on Thursday to open a burger restaurant called Tasty Made this fall in Lancaster, Ohio.
  • Why carry your luggage when it can carry you?
    Now you can ride your suitcase. CNN's Jeanne Moos took a test drive on a motorized suitcase.
  • 'Cosby' star on her messy marital split
    Pregnant "Cosby Show" star Keshia Knight Pulliam is speaking out about the end of her brief marriage.
  • Historic hug: Obama passes the baton
    Obama harnessed the rhetorical skills that catapulted him to the White House dismissing Trump in withering terms and establishing Clinton as his political heir.
  • Watch Obama's speech
    President Barack Obama used his Democratic National Convention speech to make the case that Hillary Clinton is the best person to be president and that she will build on his time in office.
  • Opinion: Damn straight, Mr. President
    Rather than take a well-earned victory lap, President Barack Obama showed a steely resolve as he ruthlessly dismantled Donald Trump, writes Paul Begala.
  • Opinion: Obama shows he's out of touch
    It was an important night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Day one was an unequivocal disaster, marked by chaos, disorder and division. Day two was clearly better, but drew some concern among Democrats that there was too much attention paid to diversity, and not enough attention paid to jobs and national security.
  • Indonesia executes 4 accused of drug crimes
    Indonesia is set to execute more drug convicts this week, according to the country's Attorney General.
  • Indonesia defends use of capital punishment
    Indonesia's foreign ministry is defending its use of capital punishment as a deterrent against drug trafficking ahead of a planned firing squad execution.
  • Opinion: NBA decision about more than a game
    As a husband, father and artist living and working in the state of North Carolina, I am caught in a storm between my city and my state.
  • They flew faster than a bullet
    For the first time in 40 years, the fastest jet flight crew in the world reunited with the once super-secret spy plane that put them in the history books.
  • 5 'wow' moments at America's aviation Woodstock
    While the rest of America has been watching the presidential conventions, avgeeks from around the world have been rocking a kind of aviation Woodstock.
  • Skytyping, wing walking and other aerial feats
    From wing walking to skytyping, the 2016 EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, showcases some of the best that aviation has to offer.
  • Who was the better law professor -- Bill or Hillary?
    Former President Bill Clinton's personal reflections of his wife in his "I met a girl" speech at the Democratic National Convention utilized a series of anecdotes to span Hillary Clinton's entire biography. Some of the earliest memories he shared were of the times early in their relationship when he tried repeatedly to persuade her to marry him.
  • Kaine impersonates Trump
    At the Democratic National Convention, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine impersonates Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and says he is not trustworthy.
  • Election 2016: A referendum on liberal democracy?
    Sometimes, the real historical stakes of a political moment are barely evident to contemporaries; it is only in retrospect that we recognize its true importance. In the years before the French Revolution, for example, the adherents of the ancien régime did not understand how radically the old aristocratic order was about to be challenged. In the run-up to World War I, neither statesmen nor ordinary people realized they were on the brink of the bloodiest catastrophe humanity had suffered to date.
  • Girl killed by zoo elephant
    A seven-year-old Moroccan girl has died after a zoo elephant threw a rock at her.
  • Home surveillance camera shows lurking intruder
    A home surveillance camera captured an intruder inside a Chicago couple's home watching them as they slept.
  • Ford's darkest day in 5 years
    Ford just waved a caution flag on American car sales. The No. 2 U.S. auto maker warned on Thursday of a growing list of global risks and suggested the previously-roaring American market may have peaked.
  • Is terror in Europe the new normal?
    A new normal shrouds Europe now.
  • French media stop publishing terrorist images
    How should the media report terror attacks? It's a question many in France have been asking after an 86-year-old priest was killed this week -- the latest victim in a slew of terror attacks in the country.
  • Musk's push for autopilot unnerves Tesla employees
    Even before Tesla reported the first known death of a driver using its autopilot feature, some employees worried the car company wasn't taking every possible precaution.
  • Germany's Merkel stands by refugee policy
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday described recent attacks in Germany and across Europe as "shocking, depressing and terrifying," but refused to back down on her open-door refugee policy that has attracted criticism following three recent assaults in the country.
  • Freddie Gray cops suing prosecutor
    Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is going from prosecutor to civil defendant in connection with the case of the death of Freddie Gray.
  • Opinion: Was Gray case a political prosecution?
    Danny Cevallos: If the prosecutor had probable cause to prosecute police officers in Baltimore, why did she drop the three remaining cases before trial?
  • DNC speeches: Do the claims add up?
    The Democratic Party gathered in Philadelphia on Wednesday for the third night of its convention, and CNN's Reality Check Team put the speakers' statements and assertions to the test.
  • Latinos disappointed with Clinton VP pick
    For many Latinos, 2016 was supposed to be the year they'd see one of their own on the presidential ballot. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio did their best on the Republican side and for a while Hilary Clinton kept their hopes high until she picked Tim Kaine to be her running mate.
  • This shirt once offended Walmart
    Twenty-one years ago, a Walmart store in Florida pulled shirts from its shelves, saying they were "offensive." The shirts had a simple, empowering message: "Someday a woman will be PRESIDENT!"
  • Get your ticket: 5th largest Powerball jackpot
    There's another record-breaking jackpot up for grabs.
  • Has Zika begun to spread in U.S.?
    Health officials in Florida are now investigating four possible non-travel-related cases of Zika virus, the state Department of Health said Wednesday.
  • Best and worst convention entrances, exits
    Both the Republican and Democratic National Convention showcased drama, but here are the best and worst convention entrances and exits. Jeanne Moos has the good, the bad and the awkward.



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